Support Kaylie Kushmer as the Volunteer Program Coordinator

Support Kaylie Kushmer as the Volunteer Program Coordinator

About This Campaign

My journey with Wine To Water has been nothing short of exciting and divine. A few years ago, I was searching for a worthy cause to devote myself to, specifically wanting to take a volunteer trip. I found WTW through a Just One Shift campaign, signed up for my first trip to the Amazon, and the rest is history. After taking 2 volunteers trips, participating in Just One Shift myself, attending fundraising events, and starting my own city chapter in Tampa, Florida, I have so graciously accepted a fellowship based out of headquarters in Boone, NC as the Volunteer Program Coordinator. Immediately after meeting the Volunteer Program Director, Lisa Merritt, I was convinced that she was in my DREAM JOB, and well, here I am 2 years later working alongside of her to help grow the volunteer program. God is so good. While this position allows me to travel internationally a majority of the year, hosting our volunteers in the countries where we have ongoing water projects, it is only partially funded. Therefore, I've created this campaign to ask for you to partner with me in this journey and provide your support in any way you can, both spiritually and financially, and really any way your heart guides you. My hope is to use my blessings to bless others and that anyone I come into contact with in the field that has a need, that I may help fulfill that need for them. Thank you for your prayers and love.

Location / Venue

  • Address:
  • 747 West King Street
  • Boone, North Carolina
  • 28607, USA
  • Time:
  • Aug 29, 2016 12:00 am to
  • Aug 29, 2017 12:00 am
Wine To Water

Campaign to Support Wine To Water

We're a small team based in Boone, NC, who believes ordinary people, in community, can make an extraordinary difference in the world.  This movement began in 2004 when our founder, Doc Hendley, while bartending in Raleigh, NC, learned about the world’s water crisis.  Once captured by the cause, Doc felt the need to do something about it.  So, he did. He did what he knew best…pour some wine, beer, and spirits, play some music, and have a great time with friends. When it was all said and done, a few thousand dollars was raised due to the generosity of the community.  With some money in hand, Doc soon found himself in Darfur, in the midst of a war, working to provide clean water to those who were in desperate need in desperate times.  Thus, Wine To Water was born.    


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  1. Jonathan Fernandez gave a $20 donation
    Keep doing what you're doing Kaylie, you're a gentle warrior. It's a privilege to know you.
    10 months ago · Like
  2. An anonymous donation of $100 has been made
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  3. An anonymous donation of $100 has been made
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  4. Ralph Dunne
    Ralph Dunne gave a $200 donation
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  5. An anonymous donation of $100 has been made
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  6. Sean Serrao
    Sean Serrao gave a $100 donation
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  7. Ralph Dunne
    Ralph Dunne gave a $500 donation
    You are a Star!
    over 1 year ago · Like
  8. Michelle Williamson gave a $50 donation
    Prayers for you and your team.
    over 1 year ago · Like
  9. An anonymous donation of $50 has been made
    All are called but few answer the call, thank you Kaylie for answering the call.
    over 1 year ago · Like
    • Kaylie Kushmer
      Kaylie Kushmer

      I appreciate your love offering. I believe we don't have to know the plan, but if we follow the path He sets out for us, life will be nothing short of divine.

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