Bringing hope to Cambodia

Bringing hope to Cambodia

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Hi, my name is Barry Hinds! I grew up in Alabama but my home is everywhere. My walk with the lord has taken me many places in 24 years, but it is about to take me on the most exciting and challenging journey so far. For the last two years the pull on my heart to serve in international missions has grown tremendously. I had the opportunity to serve with Wine To Water (WTW) in November of 2015, which is where I found my fit for serving. The water crisis is a serious threat, and WTW is pushing back around the world having already supplied pure drinking water to over 400,000 people!

In July 2016 I was selected to be an International program manager (IPM), set to start in January 2017. I have committed to work with them for a year so far, but I will serve as long as necessary! I will be serving my initial year in Cambodia, out of the capitol city of Phenom Penh. By supporting me you will be making a difference in this developing country! Cambodia has a long history of violence and corruption, but they are starting to get back up on their feet again. With your help we can bring hope and joy to those who may think the world has forgotten them.

Any amount will be graciously received, and honored by the Lord. As it says in Matthew 10: “Whoever receives you receives me, and whoever receives me receives him who sent me…. And whoever gives one of these little ones even a cup of cold water because he is a disciple, truly, I say to you, he will by no means lose his reward.”

If you have any questions about my journey or my next step please feel free to contact me at I pray God will bless you, and with all of my heart I thank you for your support!
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Wine To Water

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We're a small team based in Boone, NC, who believes ordinary people, in community, can make an extraordinary difference in the world.  This movement began in 2004 when our founder, Doc Hendley, while bartending in Raleigh, NC, learned about the world’s water crisis.  Once captured by the cause, Doc felt the need to do something about it.  So, he did. He did what he knew best…pour some wine, beer, and spirits, play some music, and have a great time with friends. When it was all said and done, a few thousand dollars was raised due to the generosity of the community.  With some money in hand, Doc soon found himself in Darfur, in the midst of a war, working to provide clean water to those who were in desperate need in desperate times.  Thus, Wine To Water was born.    

  1. Paul Williams
    Paul Williams gave a $200 donation
    How very exciting ! May God bless you and keep you safe in this great adventure.
    almost 3 years ago · Like
  2. Sarah Burrage
    Sarah Burrage gave a $25 donation
    Will be praying for your amazing journey!!
    about 3 years ago · Like
  3. barry hinds
    barry hinds

    I want to thank everyone for the generous support they have shown me! when i started this campaign i had no idea how much love i would receive from everyone. As this is a pre-trip fundraiser i don't know how much support i will need at this point, so i raised the goal, but that does not diminish the gifts you have already given. My ultimate goal is to raise a couple hundred dollars a month for the time i'll be gone. Once again thank you so much for your support, I love you all!

    about 3 years ago · Like
  4. Marcelyn Deassis
    Marcelyn Deassis gave a $100 donation
    about 3 years ago · Like
  5. Denise Brou gave a $125 donation
    about 3 years ago · Like
  6. Brandi Russell gave a donation
    Hope this helps! This is awesome! Proud of you!
    about 3 years ago · Like
  7. Judy Healey
    Judy Healey gave a $500 donation
    Barry, I was saving up for another trip down and it doesn't look like that is going to be part of God's plans for me this year, but the great thing about God is you can't out give Him. So I am paying it forward to you in the Dominican with Wine to Water. You will be my hands through this donation. I know you will make an impact for Christ in all those you come across. Shine a light in the darkness, stand firm in your faith, humbly love all those He send across your path. Blessings to you always. Judy
    about 3 years ago · Like
  8. Donna quinn
    Donna quinn gave a donation
    Matching what I spent on bottled water this week!
    about 3 years ago · Like
  9. Natalie Vied
    Natalie Vied gave a $50 donation
    Love you and carry on!!!
    about 3 years ago · Like
  10. Paula and Andy Smith
    Paula and Andy Smith gave a $125 donation
    Thank you for being obedient and willing and going for those of us who have not been able to get there ourselves!! Will be praying for and with you. May God abundantly and magnificently bless you beyond your wildest dreams!! Love - Paula and Andy Smith
    about 3 years ago · Like
  11. Leigh A Treistman
    Leigh A Treistman gave a $50 donation
    Thank you for your service - this is the kind of human rights work that makes the world a better place .
    about 3 years ago · Like